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Hello. My name is Christophe Pletschet. What is your next step?


What about you? What results would you like to achieve? What dreams are you chasing? Where do you want to grow as a professional, a person.

Helping you make your next step so you can realize your goals and maximize your potential is my passion.

In the corporate world I do this as a Professional Coach with more than 15 years of experience in Sales & Marketing in a multinational and with my own company.

In the Christian world I am a coach to pastors and a consultant to churches bringing my experience of being a church planter and pastor for more than 5 years.

Besides that I love to teach, speak, and write on spiritual formation.

Everything always with the same passion: maximize your potential as an executive, a leader, a pastor, a church, a non-profit, a person, a believer, … So at the end this is really all about you.